Business Planning Can Be Conducted Successfully Through A Management Consultant

Have you ever wondered if there are any easy ways to achieve a successful business plan? Business planning is a science that requires the achievement of business goals and objectives. The achievement of these business goals and objectives can be done by the successful execution of the set objectives. That is the main objective of the manager preparing a business plan.

What is a business plan and what is its structure?

Business analysis is not an easy task for a novice entrepreneur. As it involves a detailed amount of research into the cost, time and scope of the business plan. A thorough analysis of the market is also required by the business analysis professional in order to analyze the success of the business report. Novice entrepreneurs and companies who are venturing into newer markets require the assistance of business analysis professionals to guide them on these aspects:

• A study of the Business environment analysis
• A complete industry background analysis
• A thorough competitor analysis
• A efficient and achievable marketing plan after conducting a market analysis
• A fool proof operations plan
• A financial summary after analyzing the finances.

Most companies have several departments who have had experience in preparing business documents, yet, to study newer environments requires the assistance of professionals or consultants who are aware of the market trends. They have the ability to study impartially the implications of the organization planning objectives vis-à-vis the current market trends and industry trends. Industry trends and market trends are constantly upgraded as the economy continues to grow. The company is not always capable of having an analysis across industries and markets for achieving a successful business plan. There is no better way to execute the objectives, be it financial or operational, of the business report than with the aid of a management consultant.

Business Planning Research with a Management Consultant

Business planning research is a thorough science that cannot be undertaken by all companies who are involved in day-to-day activities of their existing business models. So, in order to impartially achieve a successful business report, a research needs to be conducted by an outside body. This outside body could be a management consultant whose job is to be aware of the market trends and industry trends. The management consultant is an experienced professional who will be able to immediately identify the scope, budget and timeline for the completion of the business research. Since, they conduct researches for several organizations, they are aware of the needs of the company, no matter what industry or field they belong to. The management consultant keeps himself/ herself abreast of all industries in order to have a bird’s eye view of the company vis-à-vis the industry, unlike a manager of the company who is only keen to ensure the goals of the company. It is no wonder that the management consultant is more successful in preparing a plan that encompasses all the necessary aspects of the business.

Thus, the management consultant will conduct a thorough business planning research and help the company prepare a business report. This business plan will be executable keeping in mind the current market trends and the strategies used by the most successful companies in the world. The management consultant can guide the company on these strategies as they are professionals in the field who are aware of the successes and failures of the companies in the world.

Ever Consider Starting a Small Business As an Independent Computer Consultant?

Have you ever considered starting your own small business as an Independent Computer Consultant, but were hesitant to try because you thought it might be too hard to find enough clients or get enough consistent, billable work?

Well, how many clients do you believe you’ll need to make a consistent, comfortable salary?

  • Have you been told or led to believe that you need lots and lots of high paying customers?
  • That you need to bring in a steady stream of new business week after week to survive?
  • That you need to have 50, 60, 70 or more billable hours a week, every week, lined up in advance to assure a steady income?


Let’s take a look at what you REALLY need to accomplish.
The current, average salary for an IT/Network Administrator in New York City* with:

  • 5 years experience
  • A+ and MCSE Certifications
  • Expertise in Windows Networking and Microsoft Exchange

Is $57,719**

So, how many clients would it take to reach the average salary level for this position?

Let’s take a look at Jay, a skilled and talented New York City Independent Computer Consultant (and personal friend of mine) who’s following our business model:

1. Each of his clients is an average size of 10 workstations and one (or zero) in-house servers.
2. He bills each client $149/mo. for a base Proactive Maintenance Plan fee. (which covers all daily monitoring and administrative tasks)
3. He bills each client a $49/mo. fee per workstation (which covers all remote computer support)
4. He bills each client a $125/hr. service fee for any work that’s performed on-site (for items that can’t be performed remotely, like new hardware installations or workstations that won’t boot)
5. He spends approximately 1 1/2 hrs. PER WEEK on-site for each client.

So, for each client per month:
Base fee of – $149
10 Workstations – $490
6 hrs. on-site – $750
Total Monthly Income per Client – $1389

If Jay has a client base of only 4 Small Business Clients – his monthly income is $5,556 or
$66,672 a year!

Is Jay happy? Well…

  • He’s making an almost 20% higher salary than his peers
  • He’s spends an average of 1 1/2 hrs. per week at each client site. That’s a total of about 6 hours A WEEK, on-site.
  • He’s spending another hour per day (avg. 15 minutes per client) doing remote administrative and computer support work, such as setting up user accounts, installing printer drivers, etc.

So, Jay is making almost $67,000 a year, while working a grand total of about 10 hours a week.

Yes, Jay is happy.

But are his clients happy? You can’t sustain a business for very long without satisfied customers.

Well, Jay’s clients have a computer consultant who:

  • Is completely dedicated and responsive to their needs
  • Costs less than a THIRD of what they’d pay for an in-house employee, while getting the same or better level of service. Plus, they don’t have to provide: o Benefits o Vacation time o Sick Days / Personal Leave o Office Space o Workstation o Payroll Taxes o Cell Phone o Or any of the other expenses that come with hiring an in-house employee
  • He spends a fraction of the time on-site than their old computer consultant did (who was billing by the hour, and racking up as many hours as possible each month just to survive).
  • He costs the same or less than a large MSP would charge, but provides a higher level of service (he provides all of the same monitoring and remote computer support that the MSP could provide, plus the attention of a dedicated consultant that a large company simply can’t provide). Plus:
  • Their systems operate at a higher level of performance and reliability than ever before (thanks to Jay’s remote, proactive monitoring)
  • And their fees are low and predictable month after month.

Yes, Jay’s clients are very happy.

So, since Jay is working a total average of approximately 10 hours a week, what’s he doing with all that extra time in the day?


Why stop at four clients?
He’s spending his time getting referrals, networking and making the sale, so that he can work his way up to his goal of…


That’s it. That’s the total number of clients that Jay is looking to acquire as an Independent Computer Consultant.

What does 10 Clients look like?

Base fee per Client – $149
10 Workstations per Client – $490
6 hrs. on-site total per week – $750
Total Monthly Income per Client – $1,389

TIMES 10 = $13,890
Per Month


$166,680 PER YEAR!

And he’s still working less than the average 40 hr. work week. Much less!

1 1/2 Hours On-Site per client per week equals 15 hrs per wk.
15 Minutes per client Remote Work per day equals 12 1/2 hrs per wk.

Total Working Hours per WEEK – 27 1/2

Are 10 clients more than you can acquire? Are FOUR?

There are tons of ways to easily land new small business clients as an Independent Computer Consultant (a topic for another article). Especially today, where companies are looking for ways to reduce expenses wherever possible, and outsourcing is a very popular solution. If you have ever considered branching out on your own, starting a small business as an Independent Computer Consultant, there has never been a better time than now!

Why strategy implementation is more difficult than strategy formulation

Successful execution is what takes strategic plans and applies them in achieving organizational goals. It is the implementation process built on the day-to-day operations, systems, and structures that lead to success.

Execution demands widespread employee participation and alignment
There needs to be a widespread understanding of how strategic objectives are linked to the day-to-day activities of employees. This is often difficult to achieve in larger organizations with many functions as information that trickles down and across is often incomplete and may not always pertain to specific roles.

Time to execute is greater than the time taken to plan
Top management will often take their time planning strategy and then place undue pressure on lower managers to produce results. This makes business strategy execution difficult and can often be resolved by providing employees with short-term targets that will guide them towards achieving the desired long-term goals. There also needs to be some flexibility in allowing for these targets to be achieved and responding to unforeseen changes in the environment.

Strategic planning and execution done in silos
Strategic implementation plan and giving the organization direction is often the preserve of top management. However,Guest Posting for these plans to be successfully translated into the day-to-day tasks employee perform, top management needs to also be a part of the execution team. This integration can provide valuable insights but is a challenge for top-level managers to practically apply.

Execution as just a task
When management views execution as merely a task that requires follow-through, it can be a problem. To achieve this, managers must have a comprehensive understanding of how their organization works, from top to bottom. They also need to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their employees to ensure they are assigned the most suitable roles and responsibilities that will ensure successful strategy implementation.


Being aware of the difficulties of strategy implementation gives organizations foresight and puts you one step ahead of the competition. When those responsible for planning the project execution plan and implementation know what possible problems lie ahead, it means they are better equipped to identify such emerging challenges early and take corrective steps to keep the business on track to achieving its goals.

In addition, the success of the project will depend on if you have the right team working on it. That’s why it’s important to identify the right talent before the project begins to increase your chances of it succeeding.

There are plenty of ways to fill the roles you need, whether it be through LinkedIn job posts or indeed to identify the talent you are looking for full time or part time. Other options include working with a strategy execution consulting firm like MicroAgility, where they provide you the right consultants just for the project.

Feel free to explore your options to identify which is the best route for you. Good luck with the execution of your strategy, if there’s anything our team can do to help, let us know!

Here Are The Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 83

This post all about resolving QuickBooks Error 6000 83

You’re more likely to face QuickBooks Error 6000 83 when you access or restore the QuickBooks company file. This is a standard error in QuickBooks for which you can use QuickBooks inbuilt file repair tool. However,Guest Posting you may require more than just this tool to resolve this error effectively. This blog covers all such techniques that you can use to fix this error efficiently.

If you still can’t seem to fix this error, then don’t worry and contact the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391.

Reasons For QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83

To effectively resolve an error, you must first understand its cause. This section deals with all the reasons that are responsible for this error. Go through the points that are given below:

Windows security software can block QuickBooks from accessing the company file.
QuickBooks company file is damaged or corrupt.
You have a different language set-up than English.
Multiple installation files are missing from the QuickBooks installation directory.
With the reasons understood, you can now move to the following section that’ll cover the solutions involved.

Solutions For Fixing QuickBooks Desktop Error 6000 83

With the reasons known, you can now actively look for solutions that can fix your error in no time. Mainly execute those measures that can fix the reason for your error with ease. Perform the measures explained below.

Solution 1: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Running QuickBooks Database Server Manager can fix this error with ease. Implement the measures stated below:

Click on the Windows start button. Now, search for QuickBooks Database Server Manager in the Search Programs And Files.
From the list of programs, click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
Click on Add Folder and find the QuickBooks installation folder present in the QuickBooks folder.
Once selected, choose the folder and click on Scan.
After the scan the QuickBooks Database Server Manager should display the data files in the folder.
Click on Close and check that there is a separate .nd file created for every company file.
If these measures don’t resolve your error, you should execute the next measure stated below.

Read Also – QuickBooks Error 9999

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks

Updating QuickBooks can fix a multitude of errors and issues, including this one. Execute the steps given below:

Open QuickBooks. In the Help tab, click on Update QuickBooks.
Now, click the Options tab. Choose Yes for the Automatic Updates and Shared Downloads.
Click on the Close button.
This should turn on the automatic downloads, and whenever a new update is ready, QuickBooks should download it.

QuickBooks Error 6000 83 can take place because of a host of reasons when you access or restore the company file. However, it’s easy to fix this error once you know the reason for this error. Lastly, if you execute the measures with precision, that should get your error resolved in no time.

Professional Commercial Hood Cleaners Keep your Restaurant Running

Commercial hoods need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule. This needs to be completed by a certified technician.


When talking about commercial hoods,Guest Posting the first question asked is what is a commercial hood? Commercial hoods are more durable compared to standard residential range hoods. These hard-working systems are designed to exhaust combustion products, airborne grease, and unpleasant odors from a kitchen that experiences heavy or frequent cooking. Since commercial hoods remove high volumes of grease and smoke/soot, they can pose a fire risk when not maintained properly. Due to the risk factors commercial hoods must only be cleaned by licensed technicians.

How often do you clean a commercial hood?

Many restaurant owners ask this question, which in itself is worrisome because those who operate commercial kitchens should be well-aware of the maintenance schedules for all of their equipment. According to NFPA-96 Standard section 11.4 the “entire exhaust system shall be inspected for grease buildup by a properly trained, qualified, and certified person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and in accordance with Table 11.4.” most restaurants will need to clean their commercial hoods monthly. Some restaurants that do char boiling or wok cooking need to clean the hoods quarterly, moderate volume cooking requires semiannually cleaning and low volume such as churches and camps only require annual cleaning.

Along with asking how often to clean a commercial hood there often is a follow up question of what is “clean.” Restaurants could hire uncertified cleaners, slap a sticker on the hood and think that is adequate. Improper cleanings can lead to fires or other issues related to not properly cleaning or clearing. The quick answer is that it needs to be cleaned down to bare metal. According to NFPA-96 section 11.6.2: “Hoods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts, and other appurtenances shall be cleaned to remove combustible contaminants prior to surfaces becoming heavily contaminated with grease or oily sludge.” Most times a visual check will tell when it is time to complete a hood cleaning but there are grease gauges that can also be used.

Questions when hiring a company to clean your commercial hood.

Commercial hood cleaning should be done by professionals, there is a risk of fire and other emergencies when the cleaning is not done properly. When hiring a company to come and clean your hood there are some basic questions that should be asked.

• Does the company understand the national standards and do their procedures meet these standards?

• Are they licensed and certified? A company should be willing to talk about the training of their technicians to ensure confidence with the customer.

• What is the company guarantee policy? Like any other work being completed, the customer should be satisfied with the work and have options if they are not.


Commercial hood cleaning is not something that can be put aside for another day. There are potential hazards and safety risks and this job needs to be completed by a licensed technician who understands the national standards and has procedures that ensure that all these standards are met. Ensure that you are hiring the right company to care for your commercial hood.

Fire Rescue and Remediation

In these economically challenging times rife with uncertainty, people simply cannot afford downtime when a fire strikes. That is why it’s essential to call upon trusted and expertly trained fire damage restoration service providers ASAP.


When fire strikes a home,Guest Posting business, or public space, the cleanup can often surprise owners and managers in terms of the labor and time intensity it demands. In these economically challenging times already rife with uncertainty, people simply cannot afford to be out of commission and that is why it’s essential to call upon trusted, trained fire damage restoration service providers. As smoke and soot begin to settle onto indoor surfaces including walls, floors, contents, and even into the building’s HVAC system, additional damage will only continue to accumulate. When synthetic materials within paint, flooring, and furniture are burnt, the chemical reactions and corrosive gases released will not only mean contents become increasingly more work to restore (or be unsalvageable), but the situation can also quickly become downright dangerous. Within a very slim window of time, the building’s fixtures, contents, and furnishings can become damaged beyond repair if not treated promptly. That means untreated corrosive residues can increasingly damage any marble, glass, chrome, and other expensive surfaces.

When fire strikes, trust in the industry leaders for fire damage restoration services

When you turn to the best fire damage restoration service providers in the industry, they arrive promptly and equipped with the latest industry-approved techniques and products to clean up all the scorched and ash-covered surfaces the fire has left behind. Because these professionals have the best equipment and tools to work with, they can more quickly and effectively remove smoke and soot damage from any marble, tile, brass, aluminum, chrome, upholstery, fabrics, and carpets. Fire damage is no joke, and neither is the cost associated with downtime for today’s businesses. By trusting in fire damage restoration service companies and technicians who are happy to share their proof of all state-wide and national certifications in fire restoration services, victims of a fire know they’re getting the best in fire damage mitigation processes, restoration practices, cutting-edge cleaning products and technologies to restore an interior to tip-top shape. These technicians can also assist with any documentation needed for insurance providers, as well as getting a business back up and running safely for all its employees and guests.

Get the support and service you need by turning to the best fire damage restoration service providers

There’s nothing like the stress of reacting in the heat of the moment, rather than carrying out a well-considered plan that’s been devised ahead of time. It’s strongly recommended to have recovery plans in place before a disaster strikes. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to plan for these types of situations and that’s why the best fire damage restoration service companies are ready to jump in and help out 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From the initial stages of a customer’s fear and sense of being overwhelmed, these professionals can be an amazing support base in setting out a thorough cleanup plan along with an accurate cost and time estimate from project start to completion. Remember, it’s likely more than just fire damage and smoke odour need to be addressed when fire strikes. There is often water damage and negative impacts to a building’s air quality system that go hand in hand with a fire. Industry leaders in fire damage restoration services have the expert eye to determine the services required, to get the job right, and to do it on time. That includes pre-cleaning, corrosion mitigation, cleaning of contents, walls, ceilings, and deodorization practices that leave the fire a soon-to-be distant memory.


Manan Steels & Metals is one of India’s leading Round Bar Manufacturers. We are considered as one of the pioneer organizations engaged in Manufacturing & Exporting a huge amount of Stainless Steel Round Bar, Nickel Alloy Round Bar, Duplex Steel Round Bar & Rods, and the Monel Round Bar.

Round Bar Stands for:-

Round bar is a long,Guest Posting cylindrical metal bar with a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. Rods are the most prevalent application. The standard sizes range from 1/4 inch to 24 inch. It’s possible that other sizes are available. Hot-Rolled Steel, Cold-Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and other metal kinds are all available in round bar. Manan Steels & Metals is one of India’s leading Round Bar Manufacturers. We are considered as one of the pioneer organizations engaged in Manufacturing & Exporting a huge amount of Stainless Steel Round Bar, Nickel Alloy Round Bar, Duplex Steel Round Bar & Rods, and the Monel Round Bar.

When it comes to metals, iron and steel are the first choices due to their ease of availability and low cost. Round steel bars are incredibly popular among the steel bars most commonly used in construction and other engineering activities due to their adaptability.

The most important property of a steel round bar is its strength. This is the primary reason why steel is preferred over other materials, and the greater the load bearing capacity of the bars, the more preferred they are for engineering jobs. For example, round bars used in construction must be stronger than those used in the automobile industry.

2. Malleability and Ductility
A malleable and ductile steel product is generally desired. This increases its usability. The more advantageous these properties are, the easier it is to cut and shape the round bars as needed. However, too many of these properties can have a negative impact on strength, which should be avoided in most cases.

3. Elasticity, Elongation, and Retraction
The round bar must be elastic, but only to a certain extent. Previously, elasticity was not a major concern, but its absence over time created weak points along its length that used to give way when the load was extreme. Today, the need is for durability, particularly in construction, where the goal has been to make them earthquake resistant. The rods must be elastic within limits to meet this requirement.

How To Break Into Management Consulting At Bain

From the get-go, Bain differentiated its management consulting business by linking itself to its clients’ successes or failures. While producing a lot of pressure for results, the firm enjoys a reputation for hard work and results-oriented service. Since its inception in 1973, the firm has grown and found itself among the so-called “Big 3″ of the consulting industry. Widely perceived as the creme de la creme of consulting jobs, getting hired is a challenge, but understanding the firm and its differentiators will help you land the Bain career of your dreams.

A unique Bain practice, not used by other top firms like AT Kearney, Booz, BCG, and McKinsey, is the consistent practice of forming mutual economic agreements with their clients. Bain’s “put your money where your mouth is” practice shows a lot of confidence in their business practices and a commitment to helping their clients get tangible results. Since Bain only profits when their clients do, it adds a lot of pressure to deliver for the client. This innovative and bold business function is one reason many see Bain as the best management consulting firm on the planet.

The interview process differs somewhat depending on where you are at in your career. Bain focuses more on case interviews with college graduates and early career candidates while shifting to more of an experienced-based interview for mid and advanced-career professionals. The interview often consists of a blend of case study work and experience-based questions.

Bain management consulting has excellent resources on their website for interested applicants. They actually have an entirely different website and domain showcasing careers as the firm. Candidates would do themselves a favor if they spend some time thoroughly reviewing the entire Bain career website to prepare for their interview. They have several case studies on the site including a video case study. Candidates can find out a great deal about the firm’s core values, culture, career paths and the its awards and recognition.

Although Bain hires people from a variety of academic disciplines and life experiences, there are common characteristics that can be found in Bain management consulting professionals. The Firm highly values complex problem solving skills, demonstrated thought leadership, passion, and a results-oriented mentality.

Bain recruits at top-tier colleges and universities all over the world. The firm generally prefers Ivy League graduates, but they also value a wide array of experience and educational backgrounds that hail from outside of the top-tier institutions.

Results are the backbone of the company and for Bain’s clients, meaning that employees should be equally results-driven and illustrate tangibly the results they have produced in their own endeavors. You must brand yourself as unique while also showing that you embody the qualities Bain seeks in its management consultants.

Many top consulting firms have a penchant for hiring MBAs, but Bain is very open to hiring people from non-MBA backgrounds. They hire people from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds as long as those people can show they have the skill set and characteristics that Bain is looking for.

Bain definitely has a work hard play hard mentality. The firm is dynamic and eschews stagnancy. Bain management consulting associates are very high energy, high performing people who excel at virtually everything they do. Bain encourages its people to be open-minded in their approaches to diversity and offers social groups for minority groups, such as “Blacks at Bain”. Bain offers a collegial atmosphere that includes associates spending a lot of time together inside and outside the office.

A career at Bain will provide you with the skill set and training you need to do virtually anything with your career. Follow these guidelines, work hard, and don’t give up.

Business Plan Consultant – How to Choose a Consultant

You may need to interview a number of different business plan consultants or consulting firms before making a choice of who to work with. It is more important at this stage to make sure you have positive answers to the following three questions below than to simply find the lowest price consultant. The final question should help to expand your search if needed.

Do they listen to your questions and answer them clearly?

If you find the consultants you speak with are more interested in selling their services than listening to you describe where you are with the business idea and the specific help you will need, this situation will not likely change as you move forward. Furthermore, the consultant’s answers to your questions should be clear to you. If they are full of industry jargon which the consultant will not explain to you, beware that they may produce results which go over your head and you cannot easily evaluate.

Do they explain their process to you and include multiple points for your input?

Certainly, any business plan development process will begin with the consultant interviewing the entrepreneur to learn all they can about the research they have done, the idea, and their strategy so far. Be sure that the process will then include at least two opportunities after that initiation phase for you to receive a draft of the work completed to date and provide feedback on the direction it is taking so that adjustments can be made. Without these opportunities for your input, the final plan can run away from you and become a description of a business you do not want to, or are incapable of, starting.

Do they care about the quality of your idea?

If a consultant doesn’t care to find out what your basic idea is and to get an early sense of its feasibility before starting work, beware. Successful business plan consultants speak highly of their success rate in helping clients get funding. If they work on business plans that are doomed from the beginning, they will lower that success rate. Only consultants who are interested in taking the money and running will not care if you are starting out with a good or bad idea in the first place.

Why stay local?

Finally, with video conferencing and email widely available, there is no reason to limit your search to local consultants. If you have no fear of throwing a wider net in search of the best consultant for you, you can use this technology to connect with individuals you may never meet in person during the process. When you put local consultants in competition with virtual consultants you will find the best leverage to negotiate prices, as long as you are comfortable with virtual collaboration methods.

Screenplay Consulting

Successful screenplay writers utilize screenplay consulting before submitting their screenplay to a production company. Screenplay consulting is undertaken by screenplay professionals with industry knowledge and experience. If you plan to undergo a screenplay analysis, you should begin by remembering the following information and tips.

People often hesitate to hire screenplay consultants because they assume their rates are too high for their budget. However, the rates by some professional script consultants are actually quite reasonable. In addition, they may even offer payment installments. Keep in mind that a good screenplay consulting service can save you months or even a year writing and rewriting a script. With consulting services, you will be able to get past the hurdles that are impeding you from writing the completed screenplay.

It is true that some experts and analyst may ask for high rates, especially when they are well-known within the movie industry. But the majority of screenplay analysts do not require high rates. All you have to do is compare the prices and select one that offers reasonable rates. As a general rule, the best company will neither be the most expensive or the cheapest. With installments, you will be able to better assess the screenplay writer’s ability to consult and help you.

Others hesitate when they believe screenplay consulting takes too much time, but this is not true. A good analysis requires a minimum of two or three reads, a write up, and an optional phone consult. The entire process usually takes about a week. You can benefit from professional screenplay consulting services when the company has consultants who specialize in a specific genre. There are different nuances and genre-specific guidelines, and a horror writer may not be knowledgeable in the conventions of romance writing, for instance. Hire a consulting service who has specialists in your genre of screenwriting.

A screenplay consulting service focuses on the strengths and the weaknesses of your plot, characters, dialogue, and structure as well as a number of other components specific to your genre. Screenplay consulting is used by professional screenwriters and novices alike. Even screenwriters whose scripts have been sold and produced numerous times understand that their first and even second or third draft is not perfect, and an outside analysis can help by to point out aspects that may have been overlooked. The consulting services can also indicate whether your story is marketable, and if it is not they can make suggestions to increase its marketability.